About me


Nataly Pérez Rivas (Santiago, 1985)




I am a Chilean sculptor and textile artist. Most of my practice has been based on the representation of human figures using textile techniques such as loom, felting and dry fiber. A key part of my creative process is the use of archival research method as a reference to personal experiences and historical events.


Throughout my MA studies, my artistic practice underwent a significant change due to the civil protests in Chile since October 2019. This process was incredibly challenging, but it became a space of research, learning and an opportunity to explore new visual strategies that allowed me to shape and somehow leave a record of the social-political environment in my homeland.


This process was materialized in the project ‘Holding Traces of Living History’, which consists of a series of sculptures and photographs of everyday objects made with the casting technique and some of them subsequently intervened. These objects were selected from a photographic archive made with images sent by friends from Chile and photographs collected from newspapers and social networks. These images functioned as a bridge that allowed me to visualize in a certain way the events that were happening from a distance.


My search was focused on those objects used in the protests that could embody a sense of empathy and the collective. This is how, from a memorial space made by the protesters in Santiago, I selected a pair of gloves that were on a Chilean flag and the spoons used during the cacerolazos.

The casting process became an essential element in my current practice to embody and articulate ideas around evidence and traces, mainly from the possibility through this medium to hold and contain the memory of past actions that the replica can contain.



2020 - MA Fine Art, Leeds Arts University.

2010 - BA Fine Art, specialising in Sculpture. Universidad de Chile.

2009 - BA High School  Art Education. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Grants & Awards 

2019 - Chile Crea - Fondart Scholarship. Ministerio de Cultura, las Artes y el Patrimonio, Chile.

2019 - Vice-Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Scholarship. Leeds Arts University.

2016 - First prize in three-dimensional art category, Surmundo Exhibition. Corporación Cultural Puerto Montt.

2012 - First prize in sculpture category, competition Young Painting and Sculpture. City Council Santiago.

2004 - Bicentenario Scholarship. Ministerio de Educación, Chile.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 - Tres Latidos. Casa Diego Rivera. Puerto Montt, Chile.​

Colective Exhibitions

2020 - Show Postgraduate. Online Exhibition. Leeds Arts University, Leeds, United kingdom.

2019 - Neo Norte. Central Saint Martins Window, University of the Arts London, United Kingdom.
2019 - International Textile Art Biennial, 3rd edition. Kunststichting Perspektief vzw (Art Foundation KSP). Haacht, Belgium.

2016 and 2017  Surmundo, Tour exhibition in Puerto Montt, Concepción, Villarrica, Valdivia and Osorno, Chile.

2016 - Tapicería que viaja Arte Correo Textil. Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca, México.  

2014 and 2016 Salón de Otoño. Casa Prochelle. Valdivia, Chile.

2012 - Arte Textil Contemporáneo. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Santiago, Chile.

2011 - Apropiarte.  Centro de Arte Textil Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011 - III Día Internacional del Fieltro. Museo Artequin. Santiago, Chile.

2010 -Tesis 10, Sala Juan Egenau. Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

Publications and catalogues

2020 - End of Year Book. Leeds Arts University. United Kingdom.

2019 - Neo Norte exhibition. United Kingdom.

2019 - International Textile Art Biennial. Belgium.

2016 - Surmundo exhibition. Chile.

2014 - Book Fieltro de Autor. Anilinas Montblanc. Chile.

2012 - Arte Textil Contemporáneo exhibition. Chile.